Community Events

The Folk School is a community center. Beyond classes and programs, we also put on a number of events that are open to our community. Many of these events are seasonal celebrations – helping attendees stay in touch with the turning of the seasons and capitalize on what is “going on right now” in the Alaskan interior. They also have an educational element and a related activity.

Our community events are free or low cost. Below are some of the seasonal events that have occurred over the years. Check our calendar for upcoming events or suggest one to us!



  • Autumn Harvest Potluck – Share in the bounty of the season, learn about techniques to preserve food for winter.
  • Halloween – Join us on costumed pumpkin paths for a night of fun and fright for kids of all ages.
  • Saturday Pop-Up Coffee Shops – with house-made lattes, pastries, and music.



  • Winter Fun Rally – Celebrating traditional ways of enjoying the white season. Includes homemade toboggans, snowshoes, wooden skis and more.
  • Valentine’s Day Dessert and Auction – Come show your love for local products and community- support the Folk School!



  • Birch Tapping Breakfast – Learn about tapping birch trees and celebrate the flow of the spring sap.
  • Fire Feeds – Cook over a big outdoor fire and learn about fire making and cooking.



  • Solstice Celebration – What to do with all that daylight? Learn about activities, wild edibles, and other fun ways to enjoy the summer.
  • Pizza Parties – Bake pizza in our mud oven and enjoy our wonderful outdoor setting.
  • Jam-Berry – A celebration of the summer’s berry bounty. We cook a giant pot of mixed berry jam together.