Vision and Planning

Offer classes to all people of all ages in an open, accepting environment.
Provide a family-friendly atmosphere and experience.
Committed to non-hierarchical learning: everyone learns from everyone.
Welcoming and celebrating diversity and cultural expression.

Individual development as caring tolerant members of the community.
Support communities of shared interests.
Partner with local small businesses and community organizations.
Host community events and outreach.
Offer our facility as a community meeting place.

Traditional and Emerging Crafts
Making things by hand.
Using simple, affordable technology.
Share the entire process, from collecting raw materials to completing a finished project.
Keeping craft traditions alive.

Activities that connect us to our local environment and the natural world.
Promote individual stewardship of our local environment.
Appreciation of life in the interior of Alaska and the boreal forest.

Teaching and honing skills that nurture independence and self-reliance.
Honor practices and tools both old and new.
Inspire and empower students through learning life skills that build resilience.
Learning how to learn.

Growth as creative and thoughtful individuals.
Inspire self expression and a sense of ownership.
Awaken enlightenment to individual abilities and lifelong learning.
Understand an individual’s own identity to strengthen and empower communities.
Nurture heart, mind and body.