Jim Dillard

Photo of Jim Dillard

A Kodiak Island resident for 30 years, Jim Dillard was born in 1868 in a tiny log cabin in the mountains of eastern Oklahoma. He has been carving wood and bushcrafting ever since. After a career in education and a number of years working for art galleries in eight states, Jim is now retired and has returned to his original passions of starting fires and playing with sticks. Recent activities include teaching the construction of primitive hunting and fishing tools at local youth camps, teaching traditional mask carving and drum making in all five remote villages on Kodiak Island, classes in spoon carving, teaching a variety of bushcraft classes and classes on outdoor safety and survival. His current project is to assemble a list of tested bushcraft projects that can be successfully completed by kids 7 – 9 years of age. Jim lives several miles outside of the town of Kodiak with his wife Bonnie, Eliza the dog, five ducks and a huge garden. And there he will stay.