Karen Malone

Biographical Info

Karen has lived in Fairbanks for 37 years. She grew up in Iowa where she learned to sew in 4-H at the age of eleven. She has been a fabric collector and sewer ever since. In those 50+ years she has sewn everything from clothes, sports gear, home decor, costumes, toys, art dolls, and many other items requested by her family. She enjoys trying most techniques she hears, sees, or reads about just to see if she might enjoy it.

She dyed her first batch of fabric in 2008 and finds she can’t get enough of it. She remembers running through the house looking for just one more white item needing color. She loves the serendipity of dyeing and other fabric art techniques. The thrill of discovering new techniques and the joy of revisiting old methods keeps her engaged with the subject. She is always excited to find new friends to enjoy the rewards of creating.