It is our desire at The Folk School that as many people as possible who want to be a part of a class, workshop, or program be able to do so, even if not financially able. To that end, we offer a partial scholarship program.

Currently we offer a 50% discount on the class registration fee. (Class materials and other fees are not covered.) Scholarships are available on a limited basis for each class. Please contact us about any class you want to take!

Please: Only request a scholarship if you desire to take a class but are unable to pay the full cost for it. It is our intention that this program support those who have limited financial resources that would prevent their participation.

To apply, please send an email to our Programs Director. Provide:

  • the student’s full name (and parent’s name if the student is a minor)
  • email address and phone number
  • the name of the class for which you want the scholarship, and the dates of the class
  • a few sentences about why you need the scholarship or how it will benefit your child.

Incomplete information may delay your request and cause you to miss out. Granting of a scholarship is entirely at the discretion of The Folk School.

We plan to build up this scholarship program and are actively trying to find donors who will support it. If you would like to make a donation to The Folk School to support the scholarship program, please see our Donate to the Folk School page, indicating the purpose of your donation. Thank you!