ByDemand Classes

Have you ever wished that a class offered by The Folk School offered flexibility in:

  • Date(s) and time(s);
  • What you create;
  • Location; and/or,
  • Who you learn/create with?

The Folk School is kicking off a new way to register for classes with this type of flexibility – TFS ByDemand.


Types of ByDemand Classes we will offer:

ByDemand Project Classes:  multi-day project class

Build a Stand Up Paddleboard

Boatwright Series

ByDemand Adult Social Classes:  single day classes

Easy Embroidery

Introduction to Natural Soapmaking

Traditional Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)

ByDemand Theme-Based Youth Parties: (space rental + instructor fee)

Coming Soon!


To Register:

Step 1:  Read the class description to learn about the class, the minimum and maximum number of students, and flexibility regarding the class scheduling.

Step 2:  Once your group has been gathered (that meets the min/max criteria), complete the registration form for the specific class.

Step 3:  The Folk School and the instructor will review the registration form and contact you to schedule the class (based on the instructor’s availability as well as your preferences).

Step 4:  Once the class has been scheduled, payment will be collected, either from each participant or from one primary contact in the group (your choice). Each student will also need to sign our online Liability Waiver Form.

Step 5:  You and your friends get to enjoy a fantastic class in a way that works for your busy life!



*If minimum # of students is met, the class will be open to additional interested people to join your group.

*If maximum # of students is met, the class will be closed and only the group will be part of the learning.

*If maximum # of students is not met, but you want your group to be the only participants, your group has the option to pay the total amount needed for maximum capacity.

*You also have the option to register as an individual – this basically puts you on a wait list until other individuals register or a group registers that you might want to join (payment not required until a group is formed). If you would like to register as an individual, please fill out the registration form and you will be contacted when another group, without maximum #’s, has registered and space is available.