The Folk School is proud to offer educational resources to anyone who is interested in knowing more about hands-on learning:

Please enjoy the following tutorials, created by Folk School instructors:


y knots

Creating Y-Knots – Created by John Manthei


Harvesting Root

Harvesting Spruce Root – Created by John Manthei


Harvesting Birch Bark

Harvesting Birch Bark


Wooden-box tutorial

Making a Simple Wooden Box with a Child – Created by Alex Brede



Crocheting a Simple Potholder – Created by Leah Berman Williams



Making a Wooden Doll with Hair and Shoes – Created by Alex Brede



Making a Simple Wooden Doll – Created by Alex Brede


Boatwright’s Lapstrake Toolbox – Created by Bruce Campbell


Lap Clamp Tutorial – Created by Bruce Campbell


Hanger tutorial

Clothes Hanger Tutorial– Created by Jim Dillard



Carving a Traditional Scandinavian Pull Toy – Created by Jim Dillard


Carving a Traditional Burl Kuksa – Created by Jim Dillard


Making a Whistle Tutorial – Created by Mary Calmes


Crooked Wood and Spoons Tutorial – Created by John Manthei


Making a Tues Tutorial – Created by Mary Calmes