Beginning Woodworking9 Session Class

Instructor: Scott Holladay

Dates of the class: Tuesdays & Thursdays, September 5 – September 28, 2023  (Plus Saturday, September 23)

Times of the class: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, September 23: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Pioneer Park - Workshop (Click link for accessibility information.)

This is a multi-session program which will supply the foundation for more complex woodworking projects. Each student will produce a simple box with a self locating lid, mitered and biscuited corners, and a free floating bottom.

Class Syllabus:

Session 1: Understanding wood and why this is so important in all aspects woodworking:

  • How trees grow
  • Sapwood / heartwood
  • How moisture affects wood
  • Grain as the physical makeup of wood and how that pertains to structure
  • Reaction wood, branching, and inclusions
  • Lumber terminology and how trees are cut into lumber
  • Grain as pattern
  • Quick look at wood species and their unique characteristics including things like toxicity, dust and splinters

Beginning WoodworkingSession 2: Prepping wood for project:

  • Brief discussion on design/visualizing your project leading into cut list
  • Cut list and buying wood to include wood grades and cost
  • Rough out, flatten, and dimension to include safety and use of chop saw, table saw, jointer and planer
  • In this session each student will prepare pieces for their project

Session 3: Band saw, scroll saw, and drill press (play with each):

  • Portable power tools, demo only: cordless drills & drivers (to include drill bits and drivers)
  • Routers, biscuit jointer, orbital and belt sander, circular saw, and jig saw.
  • In this session each student will biscuit the mitered corners of their box.

Session 4: Hand planes: scrub, bench, block and spoke shaves, scrapers, files and rasps:

  • Flatten and joint a board.
  • Shave a convex and concave shape.

Beginning WoodworkingSession 5: Layout tools, hand saws and chisels:

  • Cut slots in box sides for bottom and rabbit bottom to fit.

Session 6: How to stick things together:

  • Glues and fasteners
  • Joinery
  • How joinery relates to wood movement
  • Glue up boxes

Sessions 7, 8, & 9: Discuss final clean up, sanding and finishing. Students wrap up their boxes.

Note: Before registering for this class, please make sure you are available for all class dates. Barring illness, it is important to attend all classes.

Students must provide their own ear protection.

Students in Beginning Woodworking will be invited to upcoming Project Nights, which will give them the opportunity to work on projects with the advice of an instructor.

Beginning WoodworkingAge of students: 18 and up

Prerequisites: No woodworking experience needed, but students should have good hand-eye coordination and the ability to stand and operate woodworking machinery.

Maximum number of students: 6

Minimum number of students: 4

Cost of the course: $375

Materials fee: $30

Contact: Scott Holladay:

Pre-registration: This class is pre-registration only. Please register by 2 days before the class begins. Registration will be closed after this time.



Beginning Woodworking Beginning Woodworking Beginning Woodworking Beginning Woodworking

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