2 Day Class

Instructor: Bruce Campbell

Dates of the class: Two Saturdays, January 26 & February 9, 2019

Time of the class: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm each session

Location: Pioneer Park - Workshop

Skin on Frame (SOF) is not only one of the oldest methods for building a boat, it is also one of the easiest. To build a boat, one covers a frame with fabric. The simplest SOF craft are made from plywood frames and wooden stringers. More complex designs use steamed ribs to hold stringers. This class will use a Dave Gentry design to build his Shenandoah Whitehall 14’ rowboat. http://www.gentrycustomboats.com/

During the first class we will lash the frame together from parts that have been cut out and prepared by the instructor. During the second class we will cover the frame with 16 oz. polyester fabric from George Dyson (Baidarka) and varnish it. This completes the two key tasks in making a Skin on Frame craft.

We will follow Dave Gentry’s design and materials, except for the substitution of more durable ribs on the keel and chine. Having the instructor cut out and prepare materials ahead of class will allow us to focus on the more fun assembly and covering steps.

Recommended references:


There are several good books including:
“Fuselage Frame Boats” and “More Fuselage Frame Boats” by S. Jeff Horton
“Building Skin-on-Frame Double Paddle Canoes” by Hillary Russell

Maximum number of students: 8

Minimum number of students: 4

Age range: 18 and up

Prerequisites:  none

Cost: $88 (members); $132 (non-members) Become a Folk School Member!

Contact: Bruce Campbell: brucecanoe@gmail.com or 907-488-1667

Pre-registration: This class is pre-registration only. Please register by 2 days before the class begins. Registration will be closed after this time.




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