shrink boxCLASS FULL

This class is part of Wood Fest 2019!

Instructor:  John Peirce

Date of the class: Friday, May 10, 2019

Time of the class: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Location: Pioneer Park - Workshop

A shrink box is a container made by hollowing out a section of a small green log and then allowing it to shrink around a fitted dry bottom. In the hands of a skilled maker these containers can be water tight.

These vessels are made in a myriad of shapes and sizes, are plain or highly decorated, have lids or locking lids or no lids at all. Shrink boxes may have spouts or handles or both and sometimes are closed on both ends and open on the side. They are things you can make at home with a few simple tools and only your imagination can tell you how far you can go with this. We will focus on making a small simple box to learn the technique and might even cheat by drying them in a microwave for the sake of instant gratification. Air drying at room temperature usually takes several days and you don’t get to see a tight bottom before the box is dry. We will supply any of a variety of green local woods such as birch, alder, aspen or willow in a variety of shapes and sizes, plus dry wood for bottoms and tops. All tools will be supplied but if you have carving tools of your own please bring them along.  

shrink boxMaximum number of students: 8

Minimum number of students: 5

Age range: 16 to adult (12 to 15 allowed with an adult co-learner also registered in the class)

Prerequisites:  none

Cost: $44 (members); $66 (non-members).

Contact: John Peirce:

Pre-registration: This class is pre-registration only. Please register by 2 days before the class begins. Registration will be closed after this time.




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