Nature Journaling Series (For Kids) – VIDEO CLASS


Online class with 6 pre-recorded video lessons

Instructor: Brandy Klindworth

Dates of the class: You may register at any time and start a six week session at your own convenience. 

Time of the class: Complete lessons on your own schedule.

Location: Pre-recorded videos

6-Week Nature Journaling for Kids Course Outline 

Week 1: Nature Journaling with Joy
We will discuss our journal and materials/tools that we can utilize throughout the next 6 weeks – ranging from just a pencil and paper to watercolors or colored pencils if available to the student. Instructor will demonstrate some methods for creating a journal at with recycled materials. We will discuss our ultimate goal for the series of fostering appreciation for our environment and increasing awareness of our surroundings to get us excited for exploring the outdoors. We will talk about the difference between field journaling in nature vs. memory journaling from home and how we will implement both into the series. We will discuss ways in which we can engage each of our senses through the process of nature journaling.

Week 2: Colors and Patterns that Coincide
We will learn how to group things together in nature that have similar color schemes (green things, brown things, etc.) and then document and illustrate them in pairings. We will look for patterns to arise in nature and then document and illustrate them.

Week 3: Exploring an Ecosystem
We will learn what an ecosystem is and find one in our yards or near our homes. We will observe what takes place and coexists inside the ecosystem to create an illustrated collection of animals, plants, and details that make up small ecosystems like gardens, forest floors, and ponds – depending on the student’s environment.

Week 4: Details in Observation Drawing
We will collect a small specimen outdoors, such as a leaf, and learn helpful tips for observation drawing to help us notice small details and be able to depict something realistically on paper. This will help us analyze nature from a “microlens”.

Week 5: Overhead Mapping for a New Outlook
We will go on a walk or remember back to a hike we’ve taken in order to illustrate a map layout with an overhead aerial perspective. This will teach us to recognize our broad surroundings and recollect how everything’s spatially interconnected, viewing nature from a “macrolens”.

Week 6: Sharing Nature’s Small Stories
We will go on a walk to witness or simply recollect an action we’ve seen taking place in nature: a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, a leaf falling from a tree, a fish swimming upstream, a bird pecking at a worm, etc. and then document and illustrate nature’s story through an action-packed scene.

Note: Videos will be posted on YouTube and will be accessible only to class registrants. One pre-recorded video will be released each Monday of the class session.

Age range: Recommended for children 4 and up. Older “kids at heart” may also enjoy the nature journaling process.

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