Toni Kaufman Ceramic Containers (G – L)


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Handmade ceramic containers created by Folk School instructor and lifetime potter Toni Kaufman.

This unique set of work uses clay in a way that represents the natural resemblance of wood and nature. The clay containers are made of red clay and glazed just on the inside. They are all handbuilt with either a coil or slab method. After the pots have been bisqued, they are painted with either red iron oxide, a black stain, or sometimes a colored glaze. This is all wash and scrubbed off, leaving the stain in the crevices and patterns of the pots. The final step is firing them to Cone 6 in an electric kiln. They are all waterproof and dishwasher safe (though handwashing is recommended).

Please contact Kerri Hamos at with any questions.

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