Week in the Woods 2016 Session Highlights

This was our 9th year of Week in the Woods. We have had a total of 230 participants over those 9 years and the program continues to grow and improve. This year we had 20 kids from 6 to 17 years of age and 10 adults. Nine of these hardy folks were from the Seattle area. We had 7 full time staff, 3 visiting specialists, 3 helpful and fun hangers-onners and several welcome visitors who braved the muddy road. We all shared a lot, learned a lot, and played a lot. There was a great deal more story telling and music this year and even a short course on dutch oven cooking. The annual play was improvised and entirely run by kids, featuring many of the things we learned about plants, fungus and human nature and of course received great reviews. We didn’t entirely deplete our first aid supplies nor our copious stash of food and water and then broke camp on a blessed dry day. To quote a song we all have heard “it was a very good year”.