Week in the Woods Youth/Adult Co-learners

Week in the Woods (WITW) is a program designed to incorporate various ages and abilities. We value the interaction between youth and adults in the artistic process and have built our co-learner program around this concept. However, WITW is not a dedicated youth camp. Young people 18 years old and younger must be accompanied by adults who are not only responsible for them, but who plan to learn along with them. (Teenagers, age 16-18, won’t necessarily have to work with their adult co-learner on projects.)

WITW is an opportunity for adults and youth to work side by side, inventing and creating objects from the natural resources found in the forest. Adults are able to work with youth as classmates — innovating, admiring, and sharing ideas. Adults also provide the coaching and guidance necessary for youth to focus and complete their ideas. WITW instructors are skilled craftsmen and encouraging teachers, but they do not provide the discipline and undivided attention often necessary to help youth carry out their plans. Adults are ultimately responsible for the progress of their youth co-learner’s activities.