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  • A class description should both inform and entice. You want to provide potential students a very good sense of what they can expect when taking the class. As you compose your course description, address what skills and information students will learn in this class as well as what tools or methods you will use.
  • Which kind of space will you need to teach this class?
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  • If students contact you, how would you like them to reach you?
  • Please give us a short biography, including your experience relating to this class. See examples on our "Instructors" page (under "Classes").
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  • Please provide at least one, but ideally a half dozen, photos relevant to the class. They can be of finished products, the process of doing something, whatever will excite potential students about taking your class.
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  • Please enter "none" if there are no prerequisites.
  • We generally require pre-registration for our classes, closing two days before the class starts. If we don't meet the minimum registration, we'll cancel the class at that time. Is two days sufficient lead time?
  • The standard Folk School class fee is $12.50/contact hour. Instructors are generally compensated for 50% of the rate for the class. For example, if a class will last 3 hours, the registration fee is $37.50. If 5 students register, a total of $187.50 is collected. The instructor would be paid $93.75 for that class. You may agree to this class fee and instructor compensation rate or propose a different rate.
  • Material fee per student (if any) and how you would like payment made (directly to you at time of class or as part of the students' registration with TFS). This fee is fully yours, unless TFS provides materials that we have on hand.
  • The Folk School strives to be a safe place for everyone. If you will be teaching a children's class (where children under the age of 18 will be participating without parents or guardians present), please note that all of our children's instructors must undergo a professional background check through the National Center for Safety Initiatives. (The Folk School will pay the fee and help you through the process.) This background check will be valid for a two year period. If you will teaching a children's class, please initial below to indicate you agree to this policy:
  • Do you have any social media accounts where you tweet or post about interesting projects you're working on? Particularly about the topic of this class? If so please let us know the account names or handles so that we can find them and retweet or share your posts to help promote your class.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.