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I am interested in nearly everything, especially the old crafts where you get to make something.  Thus, it was probably only natural that I took up birch bark basket weaving some years back (along with a gazillion others  – blacksmithing, book binding, sewing winter gear, carving, rosemaling, woodworking, wheelwrighting, coopering, knitting socks, and now starting to learn shoemaking – the list could go on, but you get the idea).  From there it was a short step to sharing the joy of creating things by teaching others how to do the same.  I’ve been teaching much of my life, recently “retired” as a professor in the rather more modern craft of aircraft maintenance.  As I put it, I failed the retirement class and spend time both at the University and sharing the fun of learning new skills.  To stay well rounded and to keep from getting too bored, I also enjoy flying my airplane that I built from scratch, cross country skiing, bicycling, farming, crossing the ocean on an old square rigged sailing vessel and once in a while I even sit down and read a book.