The Folk School is continuing to work to expand our offerings in the reality of the ongoing pandemic. Our schedule lately has been much lighter than our usual summer, but we’re encouraged by the enthusiasm that the community has shown for our online, video-based, and socially distanced outdoors classes. Thank you!

Our fall schedule is starting to come together. We’ll do outdoors, in-person, small-sized classes as long as weather permits, and are looking at some outdoor heating options to extend that a little. We’re continuing to develop other ways to engage people who want to continue to learn interesting things, including:

  • Innovative online courses, some with kits and other prepared materials so you can work along with the instructor. (If you have any ideas about how to make online classes more engaging, we’d love to hear from you!)
  • Kits that you can buy and create on your own, sometimes with accompanying instructional videos.
  • In-person classes through the winter, if we can do them in well-ventilated spaces that allow social distancing and other pandemic best practices. This may include outdoors classes that explore the winter world of Interior Alaska.
  • More products in our online store, many created by our very creative and talented instructors, as well as other artists of various kinds in Fairbanks.

We are deeply grateful for the financial support of our wonderful community during these difficult times. It’s because of you that we can keep operating. Thank you! We are also pursuing grants for both operations and programs that will help us keep pursuing our mission: to perpetuate the joy of hands-on learning.

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