Tempestry OneTree Project VesselThe Tempestry Project is a collaborative effort among fiber artists around the country and across the world, using yarn to depict daily high temperatures.  You may be familiar with the knit and crocheted scarves created using Tempestry yarns to capture, protect and personalize temperature data.  Our take on it is going to be just a little more adventurous.  Are you intrigued?  Read on!

The OneTree Alaska Tempestry Project will capture temperature data in handwoven tapestry to create a traveling exhibit of both the linear day-by-day temperature data and more creative individual visual interpretations of the same data.  Think curves and wave forms and explorations into 3-dimensional pieces – really fun techniques to learn!  Best of all, workshops in beginning and intermediate tapestry weaving will be provided free of charge to help you develop the skills to participate actively and creatively in the project.

Our first pair of workshops will  be July 11th and August 8th at OneTree Alaska.  Workshops are free of charge and materials kits are $20 each, giving you enough yarn to do one piece for you and one to donate to the traveling exhibit.  The project will also feature weekly in person help and social weaving sessions.  No experience is necessary and all equipment will be provided.

For more information, contact Bonni Brooks at 907-980-3126 or bonontherun@gmail.com.


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